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wru LAN? wru?

I don't know what offends me more!

Started by XP-Cromwell, April 24, 2007, 08:56:30 pm

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I don't know what offends me more! ...

Being publicly humiliated then having those comments splashed all over your website like it's news that "crom does suck". (as seen in exhibit A)


Having Kiljoy ... this so called "remover of joy" ... not pulling his weight.

So to help set the record straight I've included the correct image (exhibit B) showing that Kiljoy wasn't my only handy cap that night. Apologies are not necessary ... well at least from everyone other then Kiljoy ... even XP-Frood was only reacting to the information he had at that time. "We" the gaming community must look past ignorance and the obvious short comings of those we lift up on those preverbal pedestals.

exhibit A

exhibit B

Thank you for the invite

Looking forward to seeing you all soon



Well.. at least there isn't an audio file of spouting Pancake every 10 seconds...